Chapter 1487

When Jiro heard Charlie saying that he had allowed his brother to keep his worthless life, he felt as though he was going to collapse. He said angrily, “You…you took one billion dollars from me and you promised to kill my brother. Have you been lying to me all this while?!” Charlie smiled as he said, “Jiro, don’t be so sweet and naive. In this world, we’re all trying to deceive and outwit one another. Don’t you understand this logic?” Jiro said angrily, “You…you aren’t trustworthy at all!” Charlie questioned him again, “You say that I’m not trustworthy? You want to talk about this? Then, do you really think that you’re a trustworthy person? You came all the way here from Japan just because you want to steal my prescription and formula. You even planned to kidnap my subordinate. So, are you really a trustworthy and credible person then? Furthermore, that brother of yours had also come to Oskia because he wanted to steal and obtain the prescription for my magical pill. So, is he a tr

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