Chapter 1477

Charlie did as he promised and he transferred forty thousand dollars to Elaine immediately. Since Charlie could transfer the money over to her so readily, Elaine was even more convinced that her son-in-law was not kidding when he made her those promises! If Claire could give birth to a child, then Charlie would definitely give her the money readily without any hesitation at all. As she thought about this, Elaine made a decision. ‘No! I have to look for a good opportunity to have a good chat with Claire later in the evening. She isn’t young anymore, so what is she trying to do if she is not in a hurry to give birth to a child any time soon? If she has a child as soon as possible, then she would be able to get ready to have a second and third child soon! If she is going to wait until she is thirty before she gives birth to her first child, then she would probably not be ready to have a second child, let alone a third or fourth child then, right?’ ‘Of course, it would be best if my d

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