Chapter 1469

Jiro never expected Liam to turn him down so directly. He should have considered his proposal or at least pretended to think about it at the very least, right? Wasn’t this the basic respect people should have in a business negotiation? Although Jiro was very angry, he held back the anger and frustration he was feeling. He kept a gentlemanly smile on his face as he said to Liam, “Mr. Weaver, please forgive me for speaking more bluntly. The Apothecary Pharmaceutical cannot even be considered as a top pharmaceutical company in Oskia, and its status is even more inconspicuous in the world. Even if you wanted to expand and venture into the Asia market or even the global market, it is simply impossible for you to make a breakthrough based on your company’s strength.” As he spoke, Jiro patted his chest as he said with a little pride, “However, it is a different story for Kobayashi Pharma. We already have a history of several decades, and we have a certain degree of popularity in the globa

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