Chapter 1462

As for both of them, neither one of them was looking at the referee or each other. Instead, both of them were looking at Charlie, who was seated amongst the audience. Charlie also felt a little stressed. He did not expect that these two girls would not be getting themselves ready for the match. Instead, they were just staring at him as soon as they got into the ring. Was he even that good-looking? Shouldn’t they be bothered with the important things instead?! As he was thinking about this, the referee, who was standing in the arena, was also very embarrassed. He coughed twice before he said, “Are both of you listening to me?” Aurora was the first to recover her senses, and she hurriedly blushed as she said, “I am sorry, referee. I was lost in my thoughts for a moment.” The referee was very helpless, and he looked at Nanako and said, “What about you, Miss Ito?” Nanako’s face flushed red in an instant, and she hurriedly said in a low voice, “Sorry, referee. I was also a little dis

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