Chapter 1459

The next day. Jiro left early in the morning as he headed straight for the Apothecary Pharmaceutical. After eating the breakfast made by his mother-in-law, Elaine, he borrowed his father-in-law’s car as he drove toward the Aurous Stadium. In fact, after Elaine’s attitude became even more docile, Charlie’s life at home had already become much more comfortable. Ever since Charlie told Elaine that he would give her a lot of money to take care of their children after Claire gave birth, Elaine began trying to please Charlie even more often now. At the same time, she was also constantly persuading Claire to give birth to a child as soon as possible. Although Elaine had already been married to Jacob for so many years, her cooking skills had never improved throughout all these years. After all, she was just trying to go through the motions with her husband and daughter. But now, Elaine was actually starting to study and read up on some cooking recipes on her cell phone. This was because

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