Chapter 1457

Jiro was truly angry and frustrated at this time. The Apothecary Stomach Pill provided the exact same kind of treatment as the Kobayashi Stomach Pill. This was an absolute benchmark product in itself. However, the effectiveness of the Apothecary Stomach Pill was much stronger compared to that of the Kobayashi Stomach Pill! Moreover, what was even worse was that the packaging specifications, the net content of the medication, and the price of the Apothecary Stomach Pill, were all the same as the Kobayashi Stomach Pill! This made Jiro feel very uncomfortable! The Apothecary Stomach Pill was much better compared to the Kobayashi Stomach Pill, but the quantity and price of the medication were exactly the same. Wasn’t this simply going to drive the Kobayashi Stomach Pill’s sales to a dead-end?! Also, with Quinn Golding endorsing the Apothecary Stomach Pill, this medication had suddenly become very popular in the domestic Oskian market. This was equivalent to completely cutting off th

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