Chapter 1454

Based on the feedback, the sales of the Kobayashi Stomach Pill had already increased seven or eight times, which was already far beyond his expectations. According to these results, Kobayashi Pharma would definitely rise to the next level soon! At this point, Jiro felt pleasantly refreshed, and he could not help but drink a few more sips of the strong alcohol. After taking a few more sips of the whiskey, he felt a hot and burning sensation in his stomach. Immediately afterward, he felt some pain in his stomach. The expression on Jiro’s face changed slightly, and he immediately reached out his hand to take out a sachet of his own Kobayashi Stomach Pill. In truth, Jiro had always had a hidden stomach problem. He had a natural disposition and liking for good liquor, and he loved to drink strong alcohol. So, this had already left a negative impact and damage on his stomach. Last year, his stomach issues had become even more serious, and the doctor had advised him to stop drinking.

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