Chapter 1442

She was very excited, and she said to Charlie, “My good son-in-law, why didn’t Mom find out that you were so good in the past?” Charlie laughed, but he did not say anything. If he had known that he would be able to deal with a shrewd woman like Elaine simply by spending fifty thousand dollars a month, he would have spent that money a long time ago to save himself from all that trouble. At this time, Elaine was simply thinking of flattering Charlie, and she deliberately said to Claire, “Oh, Claire! You are already getting older, and you have already been married to Charlie for almost four years now. I say, it is also about time for both of you to have children already. Our family of four is living in such a big villa, it is indeed a little lonely and cold here. Wouldn’t it be livelier if there was a child running around in the villa?” As soon as Charlie heard these words, he was indeed very surprised! This was perfect! His mother-in-law truly thought of nothing else other than her

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