Chapter 143

Elaine was extremely excited. All of those gifts were money to her! She did not know how much those antique vases cost but she knew that each bottle of Moutai Flying Fairy liquor was worth at least thirty to forty thousand dollars! Moreover, there were twenty bottles of liquor in this box. This meant that this box of liquor was worth a few hundred thousand dollars! There was also a box of Yellow Crane Tower cigars. The cigars cost five thousand dollars each and there were fifty cigars in the box! That would mean that the box of cigars was worth more than two hundred thousand dollars! Just the liquor and cigars were already worth at least one million dollars! Why shouldn’t she accept it? Moreover, if she had the VIP card from Treasure Pavilion, she would be able to show off in front of her friends! When Claire saw how obsessive and materialistic her mother was, she called out in a reluctant manner, “Mom…” Elaine glared at her before she replied, “What’s wrong? Are you going to sa

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