Chapter 1439

As Charlie was watching television, Claire suddenly came up to him. When she saw that he was watching television, Claire sat down next to him. After that, Claire hesitated for a moment. Then, she asked him in a low voice, “Charlie, I want to ask you something. You have to answer truthfully, and you shouldn’t lie to me.” Charlie nodded before he said, “Go ahead and ask away, dear.” Claire handed the shopping receipt in her hand to Charlie before she asked him, “Why are there three sets of skincare products written on this receipt? It’s not that I do not trust you. However, I hope that you can just explain the situation to me.” When Charlie saw the shopping receipt, he was stunned for a moment. He quickly realized that Isaac must have placed the shopping receipt directly into one of the gift boxes after purchasing the skincare products. Charlie looked around, and when he saw that Elaine was not there, he whispered, “I will be honest, dear. In truth, Dad is the one who asked for a

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