Chapter 1423

As a man, Charlie understood the old man’s train of thought very well. Which man on earth would not want his woman to be happy? It was just that there were some people with limited capability, thus, unable to do it. Just like Charlie during those days, not only was he poor, but he also had no assets. There were times when Claire had her birthday or they had their wedding anniversary, Charlie wanted to give his wife a presentable gift. However, due to financial constraints, he could only wish for it. The first worthy gift given to his wife had been after Stephen had found him. At that time, he had bought his wife a jade necklace at Emerald Court. Despite Charlie’s desire to give his wife everything back in those days, with his ability back then, he could hardly even afford some decent makeup for her. Despite Jacob’s old age, his feelings for Matilda after twenty years were the same as first love. Thus, he naturally hoped to give her some presentable gifts. Based on this point, Charlie c

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