Chapter 1403

Charlie didn’t want to tell Claire the truth about him going to meet Quinn regarding her illness, so he told her that Liam needed his help for business matters. Claire didn’t think much of it and asked him not to come home too late before returning to her room upstairs to take a shower. Charlie started the car and drove back to the Shangri-La Hotel. Meanwhile, Quinn was in her luxury suite, waiting anxiously for Charlie’s arrival. The room she was staying in was the Shangri-La’s Presidential Suite, which had been occupied by Donald and Sean when they visited the city. It was the most expensive, luxurious, and spacious room that Shangri-La could offer with a floor area of hundreds of square meters. However, Quinn was the only resident in this vast presidential suite while her assistant, Dorothy, was living next door to her. When Charlie rang the doorbell of her room, Quinn, who was wearing a satin nightgown, rushed to the door and opened it. Upon seeing Charlie standing outside

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