Chapter 1401

On the way home, as Charlie drove, Claire, who was sitting in the co-driver seat, was still very excited, and she could not control her excitement at all. Her circle of friends had completely exploded today. Countless people have liked and commented on her picture. They were all very envious of her because she had such good luck and she actually had the opportunity to eat with the most popular female celebrity, Quinn Golding. Claire kept looking down as she fiddled with her cell phone. The expression of excitement on her face was simply beyond what words could describe. After replying to the comments left behind by a few of her friends, Claire looked at Charlie with a look of admiration on her face before she blurted out, “Husband, I’ve only found out today that you are truly amazing. I did not expect that even a big and popular celebrity like Quinn would actually appreciate your Feng Shui skills. I simply thought you could fool people, but it seems as though you really have some sk

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