Chapter 1388

However, this feeling of indignation in his heart was fleeting. This was because he knew that Stephen and Mrs. Lewis only did this for his own good. If they did not deliberately protect him like this, he probably would have already died more than ten years ago. In order to protect him, Stephen did not hesitate to replace the entire Aurous Hill Welfare Institute with the Wade family’s own subordinates. This was already enough to prove Stephen’s dedication and loyalty toward him. As he thought about this, Charlie hurriedly stretched out his hand to support Mrs. Lewis and help her up as he said gratefully, “Mrs. Lewis, you don’t have to apologize to me, let alone ask me for my forgiveness. Both you and Mr. Thompson are my benefactors. I should thank you for risking your life to protect me and ensure my safety.” Mrs. Lewis waved her hand in a hurry before she said, “Young Master, you are too polite. This is what we should do.” Charlie sighed and said, “Mrs. Lewis, I am still feeling

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