Chapter 1385

The expression on Mrs. Lewis’s face suddenly changed because of Charlie’s question! She started panicking all of a sudden! She would never have dreamt that Charlie would ask her this question. So, she panicked and said, “This… this… I have never heard of this matter before. If someone truly came here looking for you, we would definitely not hide or conceal anything. Do you think that there is some misunderstanding in this matter?” Charlie shook his head and said, “No, it cannot be a misunderstanding. Deep down in my heart, I also cannot accept the explanation that this was all just a misunderstanding.” As he spoke, Charlie had a pious expression on his face as he said, “Mrs. Lewis, the reason why I came to you is not to pin the blame on anyone. After all, no matter what it is, you were the one who saved my life and raised me for ten years. Even if there is something that you have been hiding from me, I will never hate you.” Mrs. Lewis felt extremely ashamed when she heard this.

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