Chapter 1383

Charlie was taken aback by Quinn’s words. Marrying a divorcee? Was she talking about him?! This young Golding girl was too silly, right? It was just a verbal agreement made between their parents when they were still young. What era was it now? Who would still take this kind of thing so seriously? She was young, beautiful, cold, and arrogant. She looked like the kind of girl who definitely had her own ideas and plans. So, why was her thinking so conservative? As he thought about this, Charlie could not help but say, “Nana, you really should not take everything that happened between the both of us when we were still young so seriously. You should not take things too hard and miss out on your own happiness!” Quinn replied earnestly, “Charlie! You are truly a bad man with no conscience at all. I have already been waiting for you for more than ten years, and you are actually asking me not to take it seriously? Do you believe that I will hold a press conference tomorrow to make a public

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