Chapter 1380

Therefore, after hearing that Yule was suffering from pancreatic cancer and that his physical condition was already deteriorating, he immediately decided that he would have to save his life! So, he immediately told Quinn, “Why don’t we do this, then? After we are done discussing the endorsement contract, you can return to Eastcliff first. I will secretly come and visit Uncle Golding in a few days. When that time comes, I will have my own remedy to cure his illness!” Quinn was dumbfounded, and she asked, “What kind of cure do you have that would be able to remedy my father’s terminal illness? Doctors from all over the world told me that his terminal illness cannot be cured at all…” Charlie replied seriously, “It is not convenient for me to disclose anything to you for the time being. However, you do not have to worry. Since I’ve said it myself, I will definitely honor my promise!” Charlie had an elixir in his hand. The medicine that he had refined the first time, that could even cu

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