Chapter 1374

As soon as the door was closed, this goddess, who countless men were crazily infatuated with, looked at Charlie with flushed red eyes. After that, she choked as she asked Charlie, “Brother Charlie, you really don’t remember me at all?” Charlie shook his head slightly before he replied in a serious tone, “Sorry. I left Eastcliff when I was eight years old. I have not gone back to Eastcliff for many years now, so I do not remember or have a deep memory of many people or things from Eastcliff anymore.” Quinn’s eyes were filled with tears at this time. Then, she whispered softly, “Brother Charlie, I am Nana! Don’t you remember me? It’s Nana!” “Nana?” Charlie frowned slightly in response. Quinn hurriedly replied, “Don’t you remember Nana Golding?” There were a lot of girls who called themselves Nana as an abbreviation for their name. Therefore, if she were to just mention that she was Nana, Charlie really could not remember who she was. However, Charlie finally had an impression of th

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