Chapter 1372

This kind of foundation should be laid out for at least three generations, or even more than four generations in the family. It was only after this foundation was laid out for several generations that the family could finally cultivate this kind of true aristocratic and noble temperament. In Aurous Hill, there was only one woman who really had this kind of temperament and that was none other than Jasmine. However, Quinn had an even more noble temperament compared to Jasmine. Charlie regained his composure and he looked at the two women before he smiled slightly. After that, he said a little apologetically, “I’m sorry for keeping the both of you waiting. I got delayed because of some other matter today.” Quinn plucked up the courage to ask him, “You…your name is Charlie Wade?” Charlie nodded and said, “Yes. What’s the matter? What’s wrong, Miss Golding?” Quinn pointed at herself as she stared at him with her beautiful eyes and asked, “Do you remember me?” As soon as these words

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