Chapter 1368

Charlie, who was incredibly powerful, turned out to be a vagrant who had no career? Just when she was about to continue asking Charlie for more information, the referee stepped into the ring before he said, “The second round will begin after a thirty-second countdown!” Charlie said to Nanako, “You should concentrate on your match. I will leave first.” “Mr. Wade, are you going to leave already?” Nanako suddenly felt a sense of loss. Charlie replied at this time, “Oh, by the way, my bet with Yamamoto Kazuki is already over. He can feel free to leave Aurous Hill after he is discharged from the hospital.” After that, Charlie did not stay at the scene any longer. He simply turned around and left without even looking back. Nanako felt a little despondent as she stared at him. At this time, Hiroshi hurriedly urged her, “Miss, the second round is about to begin! Are you going to continue competing?” “Yes! Of course I have to continue competing!” Nanako suddenly regained all of her fig

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