Chapter 1366

He did not know how he should persuade the eldest young lady. This was because he could understand the eldest young lady’s mood at this time. The power and strength of the young man with the last name Wade was really very terrifying. Even Kazuki, who was Japan’s national treasure level master, could not even endure a single punch from this man. If he were the eldest young lady, he would also feel very afraid at this time and he would have already lost all of his fighting spirit. Not to mention this small championship at the moment, even the Olympic Games seemed to be very bleak now. The so-called combat and fighting skills, had also become a joke. He had already served Nanako for so many years and he could not help but feel distressed for her at this time. So, he quickly said, “Miss, if you’ve already lost faith in this competition, let’s head back to Japan then!” Nanako hurriedly asked, “Tanaka-san, where is my master? How is he now?” Hiroshi stammered and said, “A few fierce a

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