Chapter 1364

Therefore, her roundhouse kick was extremely fast and powerful! Joanna did not take Aurora’s roundhouse kick seriously at all. This was because she knew Aurora’s strength very well and she knew that Aurora would not pose too much of a threat to herself. So, she subconsciously stretched out her hands to block it! At the same time, she had also prepared a tactical plan deep in her heart. After blocking Aurora’s leg with both her hands, she would immediately stretch out her right foot to step on Aurora’s right knee. As long as she succeeded in giving Aurora a fatal blow, then she would be able to use her left leg to give another vicious blow and put Aurora down immediately! However, Joanna would never have dreamed that Aurora’s roundhouse kick would be wrapped in such terrifying power that Joanna had never witnessed before! Joanna felt a huge force hitting her palms and arms in an instant and immediately after that, Joanna flew directly out of the ring with a loud bang! The audience

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