Chapter 1361

Yamamoto’s heart was pounding in fear as he asked. “Don’t tell me…Don’t tell me you’re not the one who’s doing the carving?!” Charlie replied, “What? You want me to carve words onto you? Are you even qualified for that?” After finishing his sentence, Charlie laughed playfully before continuing. “I asked for a favor from a friend of mine. He has never attended any school. His level is only at elementary school level but I’m pretty sure he can still manage to spell the words ‘sick man of Asia.’ Till then, I’ll make sure that he carves the words as big as possible. It’s guaranteed to meet your expectation!” Yamamoto was worried and nervous. What else could he say? At this moment, the committee members came running towards them. They turned to Nanako and Aurora and said, “Participants, the tournament is about to begin. Could you two please make your way to the stage to prepare? Please make sure to be punctual. Participants who don’t show up on stage in another ten minutes will automatic

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