Chapter 135

When Elaine heard about the bracelet that was worth five or six million, her eyes opened wide and there was a dash of sparkles in it! “Bracelet? Where is it? Show me!” Charlie was getting a little cautious. He said calmly, “Mom, the bracelet is in my bedroom, but I plan to return it.” “What? Return it?” Elaine frowned in dismay. “Are you out of your mind? Why do you want to return such a precious gift?” “It’s just a small favor, I don’t deserve such an expensive gift.” “Shut up!” Elaine blurted, “Since he already gave it to you, then just take it! Where is the bracelet? If you don’t want it, I want it!” Charlie knew what was playing in his mother-in-law’s cunning mind. He actually wanted to give the bracelet to Claire, but he couldn’t think of a suitable excuse for it, so he put it aside for the meantime, who knew that his father-in-law would blurt it out so casually! It’s not that Charlie was reluctant to give away the bracelet. He had nearly 10 billion dollars in his card, he

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