Chapter 1359

At this moment, Mr. Yamamoto's body shuddered in fear. Never in his lifetime has he ever been this frightened. He has never met someone this powerful, which had far surpassed his capabilities and knowledge. What kind of master could possibly have such destructive power, to completely destroy a martial arts master and turn him into trash with a gentle punch? The problem now was not only the fact that he had destroyed a man with a single punch. He was still dissatisfied and wanted to carve out the humiliating words onto the loser’s forehead. After thinking about what’s happening, Kazuki Yamamoto immediately begged, “Mister, my skills are not up to your standards. To be completely destroyed is my own doing. Please, I beg you, could you at least leave me with a little bit of dignity? Please don’t carve those humiliating words on my forehead. Please!” Nanako, who was by Mr. Yamamoto’s side, was also in tears as she bowed lowly and with a broken voice, began begging, “Mister, could you p

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