Chapter 1334

“That’s great!” Yahiko replied approvingly. “It’s as expected of the daughter of the Ito family. You aren’t arrogant or impetuous and you did not forget your original goal!” Although Nanako was speaking to her father over the phone, she subconsciously bowed slightly towards the east as she said respectfully, “Thank you for your praise, Eminent Father! I will continue to work hard!” Yahiko hummed before he said, “By the way, Nanako, did the chairman of Kobayashi Pharma, Kobayashi Jiro, go over there and ask to see you?” “Yes, Eminent Father!” Yahiko replied, “You are not young anymore. You should not continue staying away from the opposite sex all the time. I have made contact with this young man, Jiro, before. He is only two years older than you and he is a very promising young man. It isn’t a bad idea for you to have more contact with him in the future.” Nanako hurriedly replied, “Eminent Father, I do not have any thoughts about the affairs and relationship between men and women

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