Chapter 1331

At this time, at Aurous International Hotel, Ito Nanako brought her assistant and a few maids that she had brought from home with her as she returned to her hotel room after leaving the stadium. The Ito family had booked the only two presidential suites available at Aurous International Hotel a long time in advance because Nanako would be coming to Aurous Hill this time. Amongst those two presidential suites, Nanako would be staying in one of the presidential suites by herself. Meanwhile, her coach, assistant, and subordinates would be staying in the other presidential suite. The Ito family had also sent someone to Aurous Hill as early as half a month ago just to transform one of the bedrooms in the presidential suite that Nanako would be staying in into her own exclusive training room. It was said that the renovation fee alone had cost millions of dollars. If the price of the long-term rental of these two presidential suites were included in the cost, then the Ito family would ha

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