Chapter 1328

Seeing Charlie was about to finish the cup of tea, Quinton quickly refilled a cup respectfully and eagerly asked, “Master Wade, are you satisfied with the tea?” Charlie nodded and replied with a smile, “It was okay, Quinton. Did you purposely learn to pick up this skill? I’d never thought that a person of your personality would have the temperament to research tea brewing.” The former Quinton was from a rich family. Thus, he was a useless rich kid. Not only did he know nothing, but he was also arty-crafty. From day to night, he bought useless things in the antique street, regarding those useless things as treasure. When Harley came to Aurous to participate in the auction, he followed and bootlicked her, and made an enemy for himself. Charlie had not seen this kid for a period of time. He had never expected this kid to change so much. Quinton was now more restrained and had become more sensible. As soon as Quinton heard Charlie praising him, he blushed and hurriedly explained, “Ma

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