Chapter 1326

He asked, “Your injury is still very fresh, the blood hasn’t even scabbed over yet. It should have happened within the last half hour, right?” “Correct.” Hanson said, “You see, the fellow that I mentioned had only used a fist to cripple my right hand. This kind of strength—I believe you can’t do it, right?” As soon as he said this, Yamamoto Kazuki became serious. He was also a practitioner. However, he knew that there were upper limits to the human body and flesh. In fact, this limit was very low. Human fists are composed of the four major elements, which are flesh, bones, muscles, and skin. They are all flesh and blood. To hit the opponent’s abdomen, face and other soft parts of the body was to protect one’s self from getting hurt. However, to use a fist to hit the opponent’s fist was a standard head-on. However, whose fist was so strong that even a punch could break someone else’s fist? Thinking of this, he hurriedly asked, “After smashing your fist, was that young fellow serious

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