Chapter 1324

Charlie laughed and said, “The match hasn’t begun. How do you know that you can’t win? I’m sure you’ll defeat Joanna.” Aurora felt ashamed and said, “Master Wade, I’m very clear about my own ability. Joanna’s capability is very strong. She is the only Brazilian Sanda player with outstanding talent in the whole women’s team and she’s indeed more skillful than I am. It’s almost impossible to beat her…” Charlie bent over slightly to her ear with delight and whispered, “Don’t forget the magical drug I had previously given you. Right now, your body’s fitness is also very good but if compared to the top players, there’s still a big gap. By consuming the magical drug, your strength and speed of reaction will increase greatly. I believe your ability will also improve significantly. Beating the Brazilian, Joanna, will not be a problem!” Then, Aurora remembered the magical drug that Charlie had given. At that time, she had looked for Master Wade herself on behalf of her father. Initially,

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