Chapter 1298

Lilian choked and said, “Comrade, our marriage certificate is at home. Can you get the divorce certificate done for us first? After that, we can bring our marriage certificate over here later.” The staff member said, “This is not in line with the common procedure. Both of you should go back and get your marriage certificate first.” Turk hurriedly replied, “No, it would be too late by then, comrade. We have to get divorced before noon.” The staff member tried to persuade them, “Even if both of you do not have any feelings for each other anymore, you do not have to get divorced at this moment now, right? Even if you cannot get divorced right now, you can still come back and get divorced later in the afternoon!” At this time, Albert cut in, “Miss, both of them have already been married for many years and have already lost their marriage certificate a long time ago. Therefore, can you proceed accordingly then?” After he was done speaking, he pointed at Turk before he told the staff, “

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