Chapter 1296

Meanwhile, in an effort to get Charlie to spare her and let her off, Lilian had knelt on the ground and kowtowed as she knocked her head on the ground repeatedly until it was already swollen. However, Charlie did not buy it at all. Charlie knew what kind of person she was. Lilian was simply a brute! She was even more evil and vicious compared to his mother-in-law, Elaine. Although Elaine had always wanted his wife, Claire, to marry a rich man, at the very least, Elaine had never once thought of marrying her own daughter off to a man with a child. However, Lilian was actually willing to force her son to father someone else’s child just because of a fifty million dollar dowry. She was completely shameless and had no integrity at all. Thus, Charlie was certain that her current repentance was not from deep down within her heart, but simply because she was being forced to do so due to her current situation. If he were to give this kind of woman another chance to make a comeback, she

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