Chapter 1293

Magnolia was shocked by Charlie’s decisiveness. At the same time, she also realized that Charlie could not possibly give her this much face. Therefore, she could only look at Lilian with an apologetic expression on her face as she said, “I am sorry, auntie. There is nothing I can do about this…” Lilian never expected her life-saving straw to be unable to do anything to help her at all. So, she turned around to look at Draco before she cried and said, “Draco, you have to save your mom! Draco, you know that it was not easy for your mom to raise you up, right?” In fact, Draco also felt very uncomfortable at this time. After all, no matter what it was, Lilian was still his mother. He did not want his mother to be forced to divorce his father and subsequently get driven out of Aurous Hill. Moreover, he also did not want his father to marry and give him a stepmother who was about the same age as him after divorcing his mother. Thus, he could only lower his dignity as he knelt in front

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