Chapter 1288

When one or two hundred people began shouting these eight words at the same time, it sounded as though a blast of thunder had just sounded in this place. Everyone else was freaking out at this time. Lilian’s face had already turned pale, Turk’s legs had already gone soft, and Zell had already knelt on the ground with a thud. He knew that he was already done for. He never would have thought that the young lad he had wanted to chop up would actually be so powerful! Even Don Albert was being so respectful toward him now! At this time, Don Albert did not even have the aura of the underground lord of Aurous Hill. He was simply this young man’s lackey! What kind of divine god had he offended?! At this time, Charlie looked at Albert before he smiled faintly and said, “It’s okay. You are not too late.” Albert immediately asked, “Master Wade, for what purpose did you ask me to come over here for today? What are your instructions?” Charlie pointed at Zell before he said, “This person i

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