Chapter 1283

Jayden had always regarded Zell as a source of easy money. The annual protection fee that Zell paid to him alone was already as much as seven or eight million dollars. In addition to the portion handed over to Albert, Jayden could also save two to three million dollars for himself. So, as soon as he heard that Zell wanted him to beat someone up for him, he blurted out without any hesitation, “Okay, wait a minute. I will bring my men there now!” After Zell had thanked him, he hung up the phone before looking at Charlie and sneering as he said, “Young lad, don’t blame me for not giving you a way out. I asked you to kneel in front of me just now, but you did not cherish the opportunity that I gave to you. Even if you decide to kneel in front of me now, it is already too late.” Charlie smiled as he asked, “Who did you call just now? Chief Jay? Is it Bruce Willis from the movie ?” “You must be mad!” Zell replied coldly. “Chief Jay is Jayden Marquez. He is one of Don Albert’s F

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