Chapter 1281

A fifty-plus-year-old man who already had a family and a home, to marry Mr. Morningstar’s daughter?! Charlie’s words made the entire scene explode in anger. Zell Morningstar became infuriated and began scolding, “You must be looking for death's door! How dare you want for my precious daughter to marry Draco’s father?!” Charlie laughed, “You must be quite blind. Didn’t you just see that Draco was not interested in marrying your daughter? Draco’s parents, on the other hand, seem to want your daughter in their family… very desperately… So, wouldn’t the best solution to this dilemma be to allow Mr. Scotson to marry your precious daughter?” “You little b*stard! What nonsense are you spouting!” Lilian was fuming. “To let my husband marry Mr. Morningstar’s daughter… then what about me?!” Charlie continued, “You? I thought you wanted Mr. Morningstar’s daughter to be part of your family? Doesn’t this solve your problem? You should be thankful for my suggestion.” Charlie then turned to Turk and

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