Chapter 1271

Lilian felt very lost and confused at this time. The thirty million dollar dowry was certainly very attractive. However, the main point was that she would have to ask her son to marry a pregnant woman. Wasn’t this what people would often refer to as fathering someone else’s child? Although she was not a young person anymore, she still had some understanding of these buzzwords. However, when she thought about the fact that Mr. Morningstar had already offered a thirty million dowry and that he was also offering various resources to support their family, then Lilian began to look forward to it deep within her heart. In her opinion, as long as he was willing to give them a lot of money, then it would not be a big problem for her son to father someone else’s child. However, the crucial point of this matter was that it would be easy for her to explain things to her relatives and friends if the other party was pregnant with an Oskian child. She could just tell her relatives and friends

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