Chapter 1261

Claire suddenly felt jealous at this moment. She guessed that Jasmine must have had a very good impression of her husband, Charlie. Otherwise, she would not be looking at her husband like this. This made Claire suddenly realize that she and her husband were not close and intimate enough. That was the reason why there was still a certain distance between them. This distance would make it especially easy for a third party to intervene in their relationship. If they both had very close and deep feelings for one another and if their hearts were close to one another, then it would be naturally impossible for them to leave any gaps for a third party to interfere in their relationship. As she thought about this, Claire suddenly felt an unprecedented impulse. At this moment, Charlie saw that Claire was still in a daze and he said to her quickly, “Dear, we have to leave quickly or we’ll be late.” Claire only recovered her senses then before she nodded unnaturally and said hurriedly, “Th

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