Chapter 125

Daniel escorted Claire into his office. The moment the door was closed, a flash of lustful desire appeared in Daniel’s eyes. He locked the door quietly and invited Claire to sit on the sofa. Claire was feeling a little awkward and gawky. She sat opposite him with her hands folded on her thighs. Daniel started with a smile, “Miss Wilson, may I know what is the occasion of your visit today?” Claire managed a timid smile and said, “Frankly speaking, Mr. Koch, our company is having some problem with our cash flow recently, so I would like to ask if you can let us buy the first batch of materials on credit please?” “On credit, huh?” Daniel withdrew his smile and replaced it with a frown. “Miss Wilson, I’m sure you must be aware of my company’s policy. We never allow credit payment or deliver the materials first. It’s always—pay first and materials are delivered later…” “I know,” Claire said apologetically, “My hands are tied right now, but don’t worry, the project we’re working on is

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