Chapter 1245

When Lady Wilson heard that the estimated value of these two cars would amount to almost one hundred million dollars, she could not help but shudder at the thought of it. Two cars would add up to one hundred million dollars? What the hell was this? These two cars were almost worth the price of a first class villa at Thompson First. She had already felt that she was very incredible because she had spent three million dollars on a car. That could only mean that Charlie’s car was worth more than thirty of the cars that she had bought. The old lady could not help but feel extremely uncomfortable. She initially thought that she would be able to humiliate others. Unexpectedly, she had only ended up humiliating herself. The point was, would someone actually be willing to spend so much money on an expensive car? Was he crazy? Only a car made out of pure gold would be worth that price, right? Lady Wilson was feeling very indignant. Harold, who was standing aside, was afraid that the old

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