Chapter 123

Harold felt like he was being hit behind his head, his brain was filled with nothing but jealousy. He couldn’t even touch Loreen’s hands yet but some strange guy came out of nowhere stripped her and touched her naked! The audacity! Harold couldn’t care less about how disappointed Loreen was in him, he gritted his teeth enviously and growled, “I don’t think the guy was there to save you at all! He just wanted to take advantage of you and harassed you!” As soon as Harold’s voice fell, everyone in the room turned to glance at Loreen. To be frank, they all shared the same thought. A beautiful and gorgeous woman lying without her pants on in front of a strange man and let him touched her for the sake of treatment. It couldn’t help but intrigue the people to imagine the hidden agenda in a lustful way. Loreen was so angry she was trembling furiously! She was extremely disappointed in Harold! Not only did he leave her there and run away by himself in the first place, but he was malici

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