Chapter 1236

After a series of inspections and examinations, the doctor concluded that Dylan’s grandmother had indeed injured her tailbone and needed at least a week of bed rest. Because the old lady was in extreme pain, the doctor gave her a numbing injection and a painkiller injection. Dylan followed his mother to his grandmother’s ward, embarrassed. As soon as he entered the ward, his father Leonard quickly walked up and slapped him across the face with all his force, and chided loudly, “You hopeless b*stard! You’re beyond redemption! Luckily your grandmother hasn’t injured herself badly, or I’d f*cking kill you otherwise!” Dylan had never been punished since young. His father’s abrupt slap made him dumbfounded and aggrieved. His grandmother was a little heartbroken to see his grandson being slapped, so she said, “Leonard, that’s enough. Dylan is still young, it’s normal for the youngsters to behave like this although it isn’t glorious.” Lord Koch was not as magnanimous as his wife. He gla

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