Chapter 121

Clutching her leg, Loreen knew the man wasn’t bluffing as she saw blood leaking in between her fingers. But her mind was struggling when she thought about taking off her pants in front of a strange man. In the face of life and death, Loreen hesitated for a while and finally compromised to reality. She didn’t want to die, let alone became disabled. Loreen looked up at the masked man, her face was turning into an embarrassing shade of red, her heart was pounding violently, her whole body wiggled awkwardly. Finally, she said faintly, “Okay, thank you.” Charlie nodded at her compliance. He squatted down, grabbed her pants with both hands, and tore it forcefully. Loreen lowered her head and looked the other way, she sucked in a deep breath, her face was hot to touch, her heart almost escaped the ribcage due to the violent thumping. Charlie was as calm as the lake. Seeing that the stab wound was on her left leg, he put his index and middle fingers together, aimed at the acupoints, and

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