Chapter 1214

As this thought lingered in Tyler’s mind, he ground his teeth scornfully, murderous intent flooding his thoughts. Lord Moore seemed to have noticed the dissatisfaction in his eldest son’s expression and tone, so he turned to Charlie and said respectfully, “Master Wade, I have a presumptuous request that I hope you can agree to.” Charlie smiled lightly and said, “Do tell, Lord Moore.” Lord Moore started, “I hope you can become the second heir to the patriarch of the Moore family in case anything happens to Jasmine in the future. If Jasmine does not leave any children, you will automatically become the head of the family. If you agree, I can promise you that 30% of the family’s net profit will be yours, and it will be valid forever. You have my word on that.” The reason for such a request was because Lord Moore was indeed worried that his eldest son and his family might harm Jasmine due to the arrangement, but he was reluctant to give up his decision because of this reason. He knew

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