Chapter 1204

“270 million!” “280 million!” “290 million!” Graham immediately raised his hand again and shouted, “300 million!” The bidding was proceeding intensely. Someone would raise the price as soon as the other person finished his bidding. They increased the bidding price of 10 million at a time continuously in order to grab the Rejuvenating Pill. Soon, the whole scene had become very lively and chaotic. Even people with a net worth of only about 1 billion joined in the bandwagon and increased the bidding price because everyone knew that money was valuable, but longevity was even more expensive. Dylan felt that every time someone bid a price, it was a slap to his face. He had never been so embarrassed in his life. However, this was just the beginning. He was in a deep mess now, and he was wondering how he would walk out of here without embarrassing himself further. Did he really have to swallow the ruby necklace? At this moment, the bid was still ongoing, and it was very happening.

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