Chapter 1191

After promising to watch Aurora’s competition, Charlie brought her back to the banquet. There were even more guests who had arrived at the banquet at this time, and the atmosphere gradually became even livelier. When Lord Moore heard that Charlie was already here, he hurried out to greet him. However, when he came out, Charlie had already gone out with Aurora. As soon as Charlie came back, Lord Moore hurriedly greeted him as he said with joy, “Oh! Master Wade, it has been a long time since I last saw you.” Charlie smiled slightly as he looked at Lord Moore and said, “Lord Moore, you seem to be in very high spirits. Have you been in good health lately?” Lord Moore replied gratefully, “Master Wade, it is all thanks to you that a dying old man like me can regain my youth again.” After that, Lord Moore asked Charlie, “Master Wade, how are you lately?” Charlie nodded slightly before he smiled and said, “I am doing pretty well. Everything is still the same.” Lord Moore replied vaguel

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