Chapter 1186

Charlie could not help but feel that Jasmine looked very breathtaking when he saw her. He had already long felt that Jasmine’s appearance and figure were not inferior compared to his wife, Claire. Even the aristocratic temperament that Jasmine had cultivated ever since her childhood could not be matched by his wife. After all, Jasmine was the eldest young lady of the local top big and powerful family. Ever since she was young, she had received noble etiquette teachings, and she was very different compared to any other woman. When Jasmine saw Charlie, she became very excited, and she rushed forward as she said shyly, “Master Wade, you are here.” Charlie smiled slightly before he said, “Jasmine, why didn’t you tell me that it was your birthday in advance?” Jasmine replied apologetically, “Master Wade, please do not be offended. The reason why I didn’t tell you about it was because I was afraid that you would spend money just to prepare a gift for me.” Charlie smiled before he said

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