Chapter 1183

On the way back, Charlie asked Paul, “By the way, what has Aunt Hall been up to lately?” Paul replied, “My mother recently enjoys going to Senior University. An old friend of hers invited her over to be a visiting professor at the Senior University. She is specializing in teaching senior citizens about the legal system.” “Oh?” Charlie was very surprised, and he asked, “Then, wouldn’t Aunt Hall be Professor Hall now?” Paul laughed as he said, “She is not really a professor. In fact, Senior University is also not a university in the true sense. It is just a college providing training classes for the elderly. Although my mother is teaching a class there, she is also attending some calligraphy and traditional painting classes there as well. She is very busy every day now.” After that, Paul asked curiously, “What has Uncle Wilson been up to lately? My mother often brings him up, but it seems as though she is always hesitating and swallowing back her words whenever she wants to talk.” C

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