Chapter 1180

However, he would have to transfer the shares over to himself first before he handed the prescription over to Liam. These prescriptions were truly invaluable, and he would probably be able to exchange several or even dozens of Weaver Pharmaceutical’s wealth with just a single prescription alone. As soon as Paul received his phone call asking for his help, he agreed to it immediately without even asking him what the matter was. Both of them agreed to meet at the villa at Thompson First early in the morning tomorrow. When Jacob found out that Charlie was going to meet Paul, he could not help but feel a little excited. Ever since Elaine had come back, he had been wanting to see Matilda. However, he did not dare to meet up with her at all. This was because he was afraid that Elaine’s vixen skills would explode, and she would go and cause trouble for Matilda if she found out that the latter had already returned to Oskia. Thus, after finding out that Charlie was going to see Paul, he

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