Chapter 1177

Christopher tried to endure the itch. Hannah was preparing dinner when Christopher came back home. When she saw that Christopher had really enjoyed eating the abalones she had prepared earlier in the afternoon, she wanted to continue pleasing him. Thus, when Christopher went out with the old lady in the afternoon, she went out to the market again. This time, she bought a big king crab for Christopher. The big king crab was very big and juicy, and it would certainly be very delicious. It was also Christopher’s favorite. Moreover, the king crab was not cheap at all. She even bought the biggest king crab, which cost her more than two thousand dollars. Hannah originally had no more money after giving the old lady all of her money. However, she had her own thoughts and had stolen a high-end blender from the kitchen as well as two bottles of Moutai from the underground wine cellar before selling them for twenty thousand dollars. Hannah was not planning to report the remaining balance of

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